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Single Sign-On from Windows to the AS Java with SPNego

SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) Java enables you to use the Simple and Protected GSS API Negotiation Mechanism (SPNego) to negotiate Kerberos authentication with Web clients, such as Web browsers.

SAP uses two solutions for implementing SPNego:

  • An SAP proprietary solution
  • GSS-API delivered with the Java SDK

We recommend you use SAP's proprietary solution as it offers additional capabilities not currently offered in the Java SDK, such as encryption options other than DES, support for multiple realms, and an improved configuration wizard.

SAP's Properietary Solution

SAP intends to make this the default solution.

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Using Kerberos Authentication for Single Sign-On

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Refer to SAP Help for configuration: Wizard-based configuration (SAP Help)


Refer to SAP Help for troubleshooting: link

Other tips & tricks

  • Synchronize the clocks on the LDAP host, the AS Java host, and the client host.