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Although report RSUSR006 temporarily provides this information to an administrator, it is not possible for the administrator to differentiate between an unauthorized failed logon attempt and a mistakenly entered password by the real owner of the acount. At most, patterns could be observed. It would be a nice-to-have if the user is informed of the number of unsuccessfull logon attempts (and times) associated with their ID when they successfully logon themselves.

Update: Please see the comments by Wolfgang Janzen. Related notes will be added when available.


  1. Yes, that's a nice feature (and I've actually thought of that, already).
    The challenging point is the fact that there is no longer one single UI technology being used, so that feature would have to be incorporated into multiple "logon UIs" (SAPGUI, WebGUI, BSP, WebDynpro, ...).

  2. Former Member

    You can make it available to the API. Whether the UI evaluates it and presents it to the user is their "problem".

    I think they will, because it is usefull and "cool" (some applications even present the IP address or terminal from which the failed logon attempt came, because an admin would generally not follow up or even know about it...).



  3. The next NetWeaver 7.0x Enhancement Package (ABAP) will provide the feature (to display the number of failed password logon attempts).

  4. Hi Wolfgang,

    to you now how to enable feature of showing no of failed logon attempts?

    Thanks, martin