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There have been a number of discussions about "normal" user's ability to execute a report in the background and thereby schedule it to execute periodically and not just once. It is sometimes a big mess to clean up afterwards when hundreds or even thousands of jobs are running under end user ID's and they leave the company (or system), at which time the user ID should be disabled (restrict validity of user and roles, lock... etc).

If one could restrict this, then users would be forced to contact a batch job administrator to have the job scheduled as a recurring one under a SYSTEM ID.

Reference: Restrict periodic scheduling in SM37


  1. Former Member

    I don't think I can edit this page.  But maybe someone who can will read this comment.
    I think we can mark "Restrict on ability to access periodic jobs" as solved with Note 1716340 - A user should not generate periodic jobs.

  2. Former Member

    Thanks for the reminder and link to the note!  I changed the status now. Thank you again SAP (wink)