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Get your hands on and test-drive the latest release of SAP NetWeaver Application Server, add-on for code vulnerability analysis.

SAP offers this software based on a time limited trial and evaluation license on the SAP Store.

Important remark: SAP offers this virtual appliance including trial licenses for free, but you will be charged by your cloud service provider for running these virtual appliances based on resource consumption. 

Get Your Free Virtual Appliance


The trial edition of SAP NetWeaver Application Server, add-on for code vulnerability analysis is based the SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP and the SAP HANA (in-memory database).

You should be familiar with the prerequisites on our How-to and FAQ page before you run these virtual appliances. We also recommend to set up a billing alert for your cloud service provider. 

To get access to these virtual appliances, log in to your SAP Store account.

Try out the Tutorials and Sample Applications

The trial edition comes with pre-configured users, pre-installed sample applications and tutorials explaining the capabilities and technologies. You are also able to create own applications and use the tools for this code.


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