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Scenario: The objective of this scenario is to synchronize the changes that are made in managed systems with IC.
The following scenario explains how the changes in MS ADS are synchronized with an MS Access Table. 
Step 1 : Create "ChangedPersons" table in MS Access (Only applicable for NW IDM 7.0, use some other mechanism/db access for NW IDM 7.0. from NW IDM 7.1 there is no direct mdb access)

Step 2: Create Job Create Empty Job Double click on the job 

Step 3: Create a Pass


Note: Make sure "ChangedPersons" table is created in people.mdb as in STEP1 

Step 5: Create Event Agent Service     

Step 6: Create Event Agent

*Step 7: EXECUTION Change User Data in ADS*

Check Job Status in Identity Center

Check "ChangedPersons" table in People.mdb  Find the changes are recorded