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NetWeaver IDM 7.1 Features

NetWeaver IDM 7.1 User Interfaces (UI) Workflow and Monitoring are based on Webdynpro instead of PHP.

Runs on SAP NetWeaver 7.0/7.11 Java and also can be integrated with Enterprise Portal (Below is the screen for Administrator)

Monitoring is included in same UI.

Typical WebDynpro search

Manage everything from "Manage" (Task layout is changed). No multiple navigations to home page.

Changes in Identity Center MC at task level Multiple "Custom" defined tabs can be created for a task.

Task Acess control is enhanced with a mechanism for handling relations.

Task access control can be defined over the subject-object relation. E.g. a relation "Manager" means the manager will be able execute the task to modify information about the people he/she manages.



MS SQL 2005 Windows Server 2003 64 Bit
Oracle 10.2 Windows server 2003 64 Bit


Windows Server 2003 64 Bit (& Windows XP 32 Bit)

IDM Runtime Component – Dispatcher

Windows Server 2003
Unix Platforms

IDM User Interface

SAP NetWeaver 7.0/7.11 AS Java on major supported OS

Identity store Authentication

Authentication for an Identity Store is performed by SAP NetWeaver Java.

Password management is now handled by the UME Functions of the NetWeaver AS Java

MX_PASSWORD cannot be used anymore.

SAP Provisioning Framework is extended to whole SAP Business Suite

This enables a deeper integration with the applications in Business Suite (CRM, SRM, ERP, SCM,PLM) including operations like linking users to Business Partners., sending email address, login id back to HR system

Enhanced GRC Integration


  •         GRC "Calls" NetWeaver IDM
  •         NetWeaver IDM "Calls" GRC