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Author: Durairaj Athavan Raja
Submitted: 30th Jan 2007
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  • BSP In-Depth: Using the HTMLB Event System
  • One of the often asked questions in BSP forum is how to catch onchange, onblur, etc kind of events for htmlb:inputField and this code snippet is to address the same. Also to undersand the htmlb event system, check out the linked weblog.
<%@page language="abap" %>
<%@extension name="htmlb" prefix="htmlb" %>

<%@extension name="bsp" prefix="bsp" %>
<htmlb:content design="design2003" >
<htmlb:page title="Input field client/server events " >
     <htmlb:label for = "IP1" text = "Demo Server event" />
     <htmlb:inputField id = "IP1" size = "100" />

     <htmlb:label for = "IP2" text = "Demo Client event" />
    <htmlb:inputField id = "IP2" size = "100" />
    <bsp:htmlbEvent id = "myid" name = "ValueChanged" />

    <script for="IP1" event=onchange type="text/javascript">
     <script for="IP2" event=onchange type="text/javascript">