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This is a code sample which applies to SAP ABAP Code.


This Article has the code for the Calculation of the total amount of the GL Account Line items (FBL3N). That is when the transaction FBL3N is run, the standard SAP Report shows the Total Amount for the line items belonging to a particular GL account. Now sometimes in Custom Programs it would be necessary to have validation with this Total Amount. So in the Custom Program we can use this code for the calculation of the Total amount.


Company:     Selligence Technologies Services Pvt. Ltd.
Created on:    04 August 2009
Author(s) Bio
Shaik Sajid is a Senior ABAP Consultant. He has been involved in various SAP Projects ( such as Product Development, Upgrade, End to End R/3 Implementation ) as a Technical Consultant in ABAP.


When the Standard SAP Report RFITEMGL (transaction FBL3N) is executed for a GL Account, it would display the Total Amount (does addition and subtraction of the line item's amount).
Programmers may need to do validation with this total amount, either in their Custom report or User exits or Enhancements.
So the code in this tutorial shows how to calculate the total amount of the GL Account Line items for a Particular GL Account and Company code combination (i.e., the logic behind the calculation of Total Amount for Transaction FBL3N).

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The Code shows how to Calculate the Total Amount which you get in the Report RFITEMGL (transaction FBL3N).