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Author: Anirban Bhattacharjee
Submitted: 16 Sept ,2008
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Steps to Create Type Dynamically

Complete Code

        In SAP Web Application Server 6.40, the concept of Run Time Type Creation (RTTC) Run Time Type Service (RTTS) is introduced. RTTC is a concept of creating any type dynamically at runtime. In this technique the type created in complete generic way during runtime. To get detail idea on the mechanism of  RTTC let us discuss about the RTTS Inheritance tree having Description Classes.


       Name of each of the description class is self explanatory with respect to the description they store. Each of these classes, again store certain static method (like CREATE, GET_P, GET_I, DESCRIBE_BY_NAME). Usage of RTTC:

       In real time we come across certain scenario, where the type of the data generated during execution can not be estimated beforehand. So based on the data we need to create type. In RTTC we can create simple data types to complex data types like structure and internal table. Now we will see how to create an internal table dynamically during runtime, populate data into it and display data by RTTC technique.