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Page formats in smartforms:

We can print any size of output from SAP, it all depends on what page format is defined and configured in our SAP system.

 Most of the standard page format is already defined in SAP but often if we come across the situation where the required output doesn’t even come close to any of this predefined page format.

Printing cheque, remittance Label & receipts are some common example of company specific requirement. Defining and configuring Page format is multi-step process and often is printer specific.  

The process starts with defining the Page Format, but you need few more setting to actually print this page size on printer.

Page format just define the size of page for forms, next step is to define Format type which defines 'Type of format' and what orientation are allowed with this page format. Page Format and Format type should have same name.

 If we are not able to print with this page size on printer ,to allow printer to use this new page format need to add this page format to device type of printer. This step will enable to print the output but correct page size information will not be passed to printer. We need to actually put printer specific code to set desire page size on printer.  

Steps to create custom page format:

 Step1: Go to transaction SPAD


Click on Full administration to get the desired tab.


Step2: Go to 'Device Types' tabs and hit 'Display' button next to Page Formats
On next screen hit 'change' button then it will show the button to create new Page format, now press new button


Here we can give our own format like below.
Now we can use this page format in form, which is available in form attributes but we cannot print that SAP script.
This information of page dimension is just for SAP script. There will be a warning message while adding page format to SAP script 'There is no form for page format XYZ' as shown below.

Step 3: Create Page format

Format Type should have same name as Page Format name.

Start from transaction SPAD, on 'Device Type’ tab press display button next to 'Format Type'. Click on change then 'Create' button and create Format Type as shown below.

Step 4: Print the form using current format

To allow printer to use this new Format Type need to add this format to device type of printer.

 We can find the device type of printer from table TSP03D.

On 'Device Types' tab enter Device name and press Display button next to it.

On next screen press ‘Create’ button and enter 'Format Type'.

Once the format type added to device type, double click on the line (on first column). On next screen as shown below double click on 'Printer initialization'
Inside Printer initialization, the code will actually set the page length on printer.

We have to add this format and put specific code for each device type of each printer on which we are planning to print the output. Basis team can help in that with all these setting in place we can, hopefully, print the output on printer with correct page format.


Renuka S.

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