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Author: Michael Nicholls
Submitted: 09 Mar 2007
It is useful to be able to disable the password for a set of ABAP users. This prevents user from accessing the ABAP system directly, but they can still access through single sign on from an SAP NetWeaver Portal
Use with caution This code directly accesses user tables in ABAP and inappropriate use could prevent administrators from accessing the system.

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tables: usr02.

select-options users for usr02-bname.

* set default selection
 move:  'I' to users-sign,
        'CP' to users-option,
        'TESTUSERS.*' to users-low.
 append users.


* find all the users who match the selection

 select * from usr02 where bname in users.
     usr02-codvn = 'X'.
     clear usr02-bcode.
     write: / 'Deactivating ', usr02-bname.
     update usr02.

1 Comment

  1. Unknown User (hsgagz0)

    Actually if the user-ids on the back-end system are defined as non-dialog (Either communication or system), there is no need of any password reset so as not to allow them direct access through the gui. In that case, they will be allowed to access only through the portal.

     The attached code is of no use then.


    Snehal Pandya