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I was searching for the option to display the report output on the same selection-screen from quite a long time. Forum thread How can i display output in the same selection screen reminded me again to research on this topic.

After a lot of analysis (and of course Trials-&-Errors), I found the solution which requires minimal development. Before giving the solution, check out how it looks-

When we start running the report, it will be a normal Selection Screen:

After executing the report, our output will overlay on the Selection Screen. And it will look like this:

Steps to create an ALV on the Selection Screen, in nut-shell :

  • Create docking container in the INITALIZATION event
  • Create ALV on that Docking container
  • After selecting all the data, export output table to ABAP memory
  • Before generating the output, import the output table from the memory

Visit Display ALV Report output in the Selection Screen  for code snippet as well as the journey to find out the solution. (Please note: Outside SDN link)