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Import and Export of LSMW:

We can export and import LSMW’s from one system to other. Below are the steps to be followed to import and export LSMW across different systems:

  1. Go to transaction LSMW.
  2. In the menu options, click on Extras and then click on export project. Please check the below screen shot:
  3. In the next screen we can see all the objects related to that project.
    Select the objects which we need to export and then click on the download option.

  4. All the LSMW’s will be downloaded to a text file in path specified by you.
    Now this file can be used to download the LSMW’s in another system.

    5. LSMW’s can be downloaded into this target system using the same steps mentioned above with few modifications. Please check the below screen shots:

    After selecting the required LSMW's from the project, click on import option to download all the required LSMW's.



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