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Author: Holger Bruchelt
Submitted: 11.03.2010
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The attached JSP is an extract of the EAR file that can be used to offer an addition entry point for authentication on the J2EE Engine. One example is shown in this blog, another is used in this Whitepaper

Just modify the JSP accordingly, put it back in the EAR file and deploy it on the J2EE Engine.  This JSP just takes a request GET parameter "to", "sap-ffield" and "Host" which could be provided to this JSP via a URL http://J2EE-Engine:Port/RedirectApp/test.jsp?Host=target-server:port&to=path&sap-ffield=q%3dtest&

/* your snippet */
<%@ page language="java" %>

    String redirectURL = request.getParameter ("to");
	String sapField = request.getParameter("sap-ffield");
	String hostAndPort = request.getHeader("Host");
	String newURL = "http://" + hostAndPort + redirectURL + "?" + sapField;