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This document will help in implementing solution to download Excel data from application server into ABAP internal table.In this solution data stored on Application server and we extract it in binary form and then converted it readable excel data.

Enjoy.. (smile)


  1. Former Member


    Take a look at my first Wiki for a method to store and transport an Excel template.  I have also added code snipits for adding buttons to your selection-screen for downloading the template and opening the template.

    Simple option for Storing an Excel template in SAP and using in your ABAP program

  2. Former Member

    HI Praveen,

    I'm having trouble with the transformation, can you add a sample of the Excel Spreadsheet you uploaded?


    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Ron,

      Excel Sheet template was like this -

      Purchasing Org  |   Component  | Component Description | BOM Indicator

      XX11                   |    ABCD          | ABCD                             | C


      This was the format of excel file uploaded on application server.




  3. Former Member

    Thanks for the quick response Praveen! Now what was the structure of I_DATA1? Looks like you pulled 29 columns into your internal table. I've never done a transformation before so I am trying to figure out how the mapping was done

    If I am correct you used transformation Z_TRANSFORM_EXCEL to get the header fields and used Z_TRANS_IMPORT_XLS to get the data fields.

    Thanks in advance,

  4. Former Member

    Hi Praveen,

    I figured out the what the problem was, the field tags in the transformation must match the internal table field names(case sensitive as well)

  5. Hi Praveen,

    I'm having trouble with the transformation too, can you add a sample of the Excel Spreadsheet you uploaded?

    Thanks a lot,