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Application Operations in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 provides System and Application Management capabilities for central monitoring, alerting, analytics, and administration of SAP centric cloud and on-premise solutions.

This wiki content has been moved to the SAP Solution Manager 7.2 expert portal.  Any child pages of this wiki are deprecated and no longer maintained.

The Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure provides the enhancement spot ALERT_REACTION where you can specify custom alert reactions.
This enhancement spot and the corresponding Business Add-In (BAdI) BADI_ALERT_REACTION are described in the document MAI Alert Consumer BAdI

This functionality can be used to trigger additional events in case of an alert like for example:

  • Calling an external web service on a 3rd party incident management tool
  • Write information to a log file
  • Send SNMP trap to third party tool.
    A standard implementation of this functionality is available with Solution Manager (see document HOW-TO GUIDE SNMP Trap Adapter.pdf below)
  • Execute additional OS commands on the SAP Solution Manager.
    A standard implementation of this functionality is available with Solution Manager (see document HOW-TO GUIDE OS Command Adapter.pdf below)

Customizing email notifications

There is also a BAdI interface which allows you to change the content of an email notification before it is sent. This interface is described in the SAP note 1747633.


  File Modified
ZIP Archive MAI Alert Consumer BAdI MAI Alert Consumer BAdI Interface Apr 10, 2013 by Mathias Bley
PDF File HOW-TO GUIDE OS Command Adapter.pdf How-To Guide OS Command Adapter v2.20 Apr 02, 2015 by Mathias Bley
PDF File HOW-TO GUIDE SNMP Trap Adapter.pdf How-To Guide SNMP Trap Adapter v2.20 Apr 02, 2015 by Mathias Bley


  1. Thanks a lot.

    This is very helpful.

  2. I agree.  This information is very helpful.  I will be able to use the OS Command Adapter to send alerts to our third party ticketing application (HP Service Manager). Thanks.

    1. Former Member

      HI Michael, 

      Could you please confirm how you have filtered the alerts via OS command Adapter, if possible could you please provide the SM49 command which you have used

      1. You can define with values you want to pass to the OS level script via the OS Command Configuration (check the above guide) using this URL string:


        I created a custom external command in SM49 (ZWRITE_TO_FILE) and then also created a custom OS level script to pass the information to HP Service Manager.

        Within the OS Command Configuration I set the following:

        Configuration IDExtra key combination


        Configuration details for:CONFIG_TYPE = OPTIONS ; FILTER_VALUE = OS_CMD_REACT

        Parameter NameParameter Value


        Configuration details for:CONFIG_TYPE = PARAMETERS ; FILTER_VALUE = OS_CMD_REACT

        Parameter NameParameter Value


        1. Former Member

          Can you share the content of ZWRITE_TO_FILE?

  3. Former Member

    Hi Mathias,

    regarding the SNMP trap configuration: How can I configure the SolMan to send SNMP traps to multiple servers at once? Would it suffice to enter those hostnames seperated by a ";" in the HOSTNAME field of step 4.2 or is a different approach required?


  4. Former Member

    Really helpful! Is there also a possibility to receive snmp traps in Solman?



      No, the BAdI implementation can only be used to send SNMP traps based on alerts generated by SAP Solution Manager. It cannot be used to receive SNMP traps and generate alerts in SAP Solution Manager.

  5. Former Member


    Does anybody know a possibility, to debug the badi-methods?


    Thank you


  6. Former Member

    Is there any "How To Guide " to send alert through the Webservice to the 3rd Party Ticketing Tool.?

    Thankyou & Best Regards



  7. Former Member

    Hello Mathias

     I am unable to find info about the Webservice Konfiguration to send Alerty to the 3rd Party tool in SolMan. If you have any "How to Guide" or any other notes. Please let me know.

    Best Regards





  8. Hello Mathias, 

    What is the purpose of assigning Auto Reaction.

    And it does not show anything, auto reaction assignment list is empty, from where it gets and what should be in the list.

    I want to perform some Automation for Alert resolution, hence I need more details on Auto Reaction assignment.