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This document describes how you can set up Http Ping metrics to monitor any URL. This is especially useful if you want to monitor 3rd party components which can be reached via a http call. SAP provides two generic Http Ping data collectors which can be used for this purpose. This document describes how to set up generic Http Ping monitoring and which options you have, when using the SAP delivered data collectors. 

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PDF File Availability Monitoring using Http Ping.pdf Availability Monitoring using Http Ping Oct 10, 2013 by Frank Kuehn
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  1. Dear Mr. Kuehn,

    is it possible to check system/instance availability using protocol https instead of http? If yes, which data collector and - provider is to be used?

    Regards,   Jochen Kauschalek

    1. Hello Jochen,

      for the metrics described in the guide you can just set the PROTOCOL parameter to https.

      For the standard availability metrics for ABAP and JAVA the decision to use https is already done in the managed system setup. You need to set the load balancer port in the "Enter System Parameters" step to the https port.

      Kind Regards,