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Documentation and Help Area of BI Monitoring

In todays BI scenarios it is critical to ensure that end users retrieve up-to-date information from the BI solution. This requires sufficient performance and availability of all involved components. BI monitoring has the capabilities to ensure that the involved technical systems and components are working as expected. The BI Monitoring application is part of the Technical Monitoring Work Center within SAP Solution Manager.



In a typical customer scenario data from backend systems (SAP ERP) are extracted into data warehouse systems (SAP BW). In case of SAP BW this is done via process chains defined in the SAP BW systems. The resulting data is stored within info objects in the SAP BW systems. This data can be viewed by end users via so-called queries or templates which are also defined within the SAP BW systems. In addition other systems (Business Objects Enterprise / BI Platform Enterprise) can access SAP BW data (directly from info objects or via queries) for producing high sophisticated reports. The definition and scheduling of the jobs, process chains, queries and templates is normally directly performed with the help of standard BO or BW tools like the BO Info View / BI launch pad tool or inside the BW transaction RSPC. The main challenge is -- How to control and monitor BO jobs, BW process chains, queries and templates?

At the minimum, top business critical jobs, process chains, templates and queries should be monitored and an immediate resolution has to be found in case of a problem.  Before BI Monitoring in the past, manual monitoring via the above mentioned tools had to be performed. 

Following are the key questions that arise during monitoring of typical BO BW customer landscape:

  • Do the most important BW Process Chains run with good performance and finish successfully?
  • Are my Business Objects jobs executed as planned and are they running with good performance?
  • Do I have somewhere a delay in my Business Warehouse Process Chains processing which hinders right in time delivery of business critical data?
  • Do I have a resource bottleneck somewhere in my Business Intelligence solution? Am I automatically informed about it?
  • Did the process chain process too many/few records?
  • Were too many/few data packages processed in process chains?
  • Did the BO jobs start or finish on time (start delay and end delay)?
  • Are BO jobs running outside a definite time window?
  • Are BO jobs running into a status indicating an error or warning?

Scope / Benefits

BI monitoring has the capabilities to address above questions that arise to perform end to end monitoring of the heterogeneous BI solution landscape.  Following are the highlights of capabilities offered by the BI monitoring.

  • Central  system status overview for all technical components involved in SAP Business Intelligence Solution
  • Capability to monitor cross-system SAP BW process chains and single process chain steps
  • Central monitoring of SAP BW queries and templates
  • Central monitoring of Business Objects specific jobs and correlation to system specific metrics
  • Integration of Business Intelligence specific alerts in Alert Inbox including Notification Management, Incident Management, Task Assignment and forwarding to 3rd party

BI Monitoring is to centrally perform proactive monitoring of Business Intelligence solutions based on SAP BW and BOE XI including BW Process Chain and BOBJ Job Monitoring and Alerting. The BI Monitoring application is part of the Technical Monitoring Work Center within SAP Solution Manager.

This page is part of the Application Operations Wiki. Notice that Application Operations itself is a use-case of SAP Solution Manager

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