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Application Operations in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 provides System and Application Management capabilities for central monitoring, alerting, analytics, and administration of SAP centric cloud and on-premise solutions.

This wiki content has been moved to the SAP Solution Manager 7.2 expert portal.  Any child pages of this wiki are deprecated and no longer maintained.

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  1. Hi there

    Thanks for the information. In the document above, there is a screenshot of Technical Scenario "My_Boomi_Scenario~INTER_MON". The Interface Channel listed shows a Source System SI7~ABAP. What does SI7 represent in this example - is it the HCM on premise system, or the Solution Manager System?




    1. Hello Rob,

      you would add the on premise managed system to the channel. SI7 was used as an example for the screenshot.

      Technically it doesn't even matter which system you add, as the Dell Boomi collector gets its data from the global exception store in SAP Solution Manager. So no matter if you add SAP Solution Manager, or the on-premise system, or anything else, the collector would always go to the global exception store. However I would recommend adding the on premise system as this mirrors the actual interface scenario.



      1. Thanks Andrea

        You state that "Dell Boomi collector gets its data from the global exception store in SAP Solution Manager". I thought Dell Boomi is the source (containing a log of exceptions) and Solution Manager needs to collect data about exceptions FROM Dell Boomi (presumably via the RFC connection of type "HTTP Connections to External Server" that is created when the Dell Boomi endpoint is created in transaction S2C_SETUP)?   Do I understand you correctly - it doesn't matter whether Dell Boomi is specified as Source, or Target system - the exceptions will be collected?