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After perform the Byte Code Adapter (ISAgent) Installation in the Managed System Configuration and restart the managed system, you noticed that the ISAgent didn't start. The node SAP Netweaver that should be created by this agent is missing for the target managed host in the Introscope Investigator (Workstation or webview). The following picture shows an example of the Introscope Investigator:

If the entries 'SAP Netweaver' + <SID_of_managed_system>_<instance>_<servernode> are NOT available in the investigator, this means that the Byte Code Adapter (ISAgent) could not connect to the Enterprise Manager or it is not running at all.



Check the IntroscopeAgent.log that is usually located in the temp folder of the SMDAgent or managed system folder:

  • \usr\sap\SMD\SMDA97\SMDAgent\temp
  • \usr\sap\<ManagedSID>\<InstanceID>\<ByteCodeAdapter> (If Ensure HA virtualization compatibility=true)

If the IntroscopeAgent.log does not exist or is not being updated for a long period, this means that the Byte Code Adapter (ISAgent) is not running.

Step "Byte Code Adapter Installation" in Managed System Configuration

Check the results of activity Byte Code Adapter Installation in the Managed System Configuration for the target system. The activity Byte Code Adapter Installation is responsible to deploy the ISAgent files and configure the ISAgents JAVA parameters in the managed system.

OS Permissions

If the managed system runs on a UNIX server, ensure that the OS permissions are correctly configured as described in note 1163751. In most of the cases the Byte Code Adapter cannot start due to wrong permissions at OS level.  The easiest configuration to make it work is to give 775 (e.g: chmod 775) permissions to the Managed System OS user in the Byte Code Adapter folder.

It is possible to check the managed system startup files dev_server* and std_server* to search for issues related to the Byte Code Adapter:

  • dev_server*: In this file it is possible to see if the JAVA Server node has been started using the ISAgent JAVA parameters. If the parameters are not shown in the file, repeat the Byte Code Adapter Installation for the affected system.
  • std_server*: This file might provide details about the start of the ISAgent. If the ISAgent could not be started for some reason, usually the std_server* shows the root case (where is the permission problem).

Finally, to start the Byte Code Adapter (ISAgent) it is required to restart the managed system, there is no other way to start the Byte Code Adapter.

Enabled / Disabled Java VM Parameters (Check Netweaver Administrator)

When the Byte Code Adapter installation in Managed System Configuration shows green status, but the Java VM parameters still do not show up in dev_server0 after a restart of the complete Java instance, there is a chance that some Java VM parameters have been disabled manually in Netweaver Administrator. To check:

  1. Log on to Netweaver Administrator (/nwa) of the managed Java system
  2. Navigate to Configuration → Infrastructure; launch Java System Properties
  3. In the top-level table ("Templates") expand the node ZATPL_IO. You get a list of instances. Select one instance.
  4. For the second table ("Details about <InstanceID>") select tab "Additional VM Parameters". Search for a parameter starting with -javaagent. The "Enabled" check box must be activated.
  5. Switch to tab "System VM Parameters" and check the table entries in the same way: They must be enabled!
    1. com.wily.introscope.agent.agentName
    2. com.wily.introscope.agentProfile

The following screenshot shows a typical configuration that is not correct - it will prohibit the start of the Introscope agent.


Other APM Tools

If the file IntroscopeAgent.log is not created or updated during startup and there are no error messages in std_server*.out you should also check if probably another APM tool (like DynaTrace) is activated.

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