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Documentation and Help Area of Central PI Monitoring with SAP Solution Manager 7.1





Technical Support

Please open a Ticket for Component:
SV-SMG-MON-IPO-PI (PI Monitoring)


Central PI Monitoring Home Page






This page is part of the Application Operations Wiki. Notice that Application Operations itself is a use-case of SAP Solution Manager


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  1. Guest

    Hi, Steffen.

    I have gone through your blogs with the PI monitoring module in solution manager 7.1 It is very informative. However, there is a critical and probably the most fundamental step that I do not see any mentioning. How do you setup the PI domain in LMDB???? I don't see it in my solman 7.1 PI monitoring tab and can't figure out how. The PI domain looks ok in the solman 7.1 local SLD(moved over from a content copy from the PI SLD). The LMDB job is also running ok. What am I missing? I don't see any doc in explaining the process. Hope that you can give me some advice.

    Thanks, Jonathan.

  2. Hello,

    the same for us. We have a Central Standalone SLD for all Systems. PI and SM have no SLD active. The SLD contains the PI Domains. But how we get them to LMBD is really unclear.

    I open a SAP Call today, because the whole Documention contain no detailed Information about this point.



    1. Hi Uwe,

      For PI Domain data synchronization into LMDB in Solution Manager 7.1, please have a look at the following SAP KBA:

      2206072 - PI Domain data synchronization into LMDB of Solution Manager

      From SAP we recommend the second option described in the document above.

      Best regards,

  3. Hello,

    thanks for note. I knew this Notes too, but they confusing me a little bit.

    We have already our PI Domains in One Central SLD. So from my point of view there is no need to consolidate them in a Second SLD and then connect this second SLD to our Central SLD. In the tow notes is only described  how you have to consolidate the PI SLD's. But we have no PI SLD. In our PI the SLD is deactivate.


    Kind Regards