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This document describes how to report the missing SAP notes found by System Recommendations. This information is not stored and read from CCDB (Configuration and change data base) but in the System Recommendation tables.

Use Cases:
The QM team needs the information about which security SAP Notes need to be implemented in the managed systems.

Where can I find System Recommendations

System Recommendations can be found in the Change Management Work Center. The screen shot display the missing notes for the system SD7:


Prerequisite: The calculation job of system recommendations has collected notes for the systems. The job scheduling and the selection for which systems the collection should done is available in settings:

Where can I find Configuration Validation?

Configuration Validation can be found in the Change Management Workcenter, Related Links

Configuration Reporting – System Recommendations Reporting

1. Choose tab ‘Reporting Execution’ (on the very top of the page)
Close the ‘Operator validation’ tray and open the ‘Configuration reporting’ instead:

2. Select the report 0TPL_0SMD_VCA2_SYS_RECOM_NOTES

To kick off the reporting - click link ‘Start configuration reporting’

In the variable screen select none (means all), one or several systems:

If you accept the default variable screen for systems (of system recommendations) all ‘Security’ notes are displayed.

The report is separated into two areas. The first part gives an overview:

The second part displays the details:

The ‘Last Refresh’ column displays the time stamp of the last calculation done by system recommendations.

The Navigation Block offers to add more information, e.g. the Category of the note, the Implementation status and version or the released on date or The Status set in System Recommendation. The navigation block settings do only influence the Details part of the report.

The ‘Select Filter Value’ function offers to restrict the result area.

E.g. a filtering on notes that are released on a special date is possible. Press the icon and select on the dates and ‘Transfer’

In our example we would restrict on notes released the 29th of March only.
The variable screen offers to restrict the report on:

  • Systems (enter the long sids !)
  • Type of System. If you enter JAVA you get only systems of type JAVA.
  • Area. Select none or one of the mentioned areas.
  • SAP Notes. You can enter one or several note numbers, if you would like to know whether these notes are missing in the systems.

An example would be all Security notes relevant for the ABAP systems SD7 and SQ7, which had been release in February 2011.

Variable screen:


The reporting excludes by default all systems for which the calculation is older than 31 days.
You can adjust this value to e.g. 10 using the function module DIAGST_CONFIG_SET:

            NAME              CONFIGVAL_SYSRECOM_VAL_DAYS

            SET_VALUE    10

  • This page is part of the Application Operations Wiki. Notice that Application Operations itself is a use-case of SAP Solution Manager

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