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What's new in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 regarding Configuration Validation?

In a nutshell: We basically kept Configuration Validation as you know it from SAP Solution Manager 7.1.

This page describes what is different in 7.2 

CCDB Content / Monitoring and Alerting

We added more content to CCDB which allows more checks more change tracking. 

For technical systems of type ABAP data for following config stores is collected:


Contains all transactions which have been locked ( columns: TRANSACTION / TEXT)


 Provide information about the Virus Scan Adapter. For more information see here:

System Change Option - Change Logs
With 7.2 the content of certain "system change option change logs" are provided which allows to monitor changes based on change entries made by the Managed System.


Change Log of System Change Option - Global Setting (which is transaction SE03 / System Change Option)
There is still config store GLOBAL which contains the setting as well just based on the usual snapshot extraction method of CCDB.


Change Log of System Change Option - Software Component


Change Log of System Change Option - Namespace/Name Range 


User change documents showing SAP_ALL assignments. Including the timestamp of the event in the managed system and also the user who did the asignment.


Contains the system timezone  


Contains major and minor version of the installed SAPUi5 software 

The new config stores based on the change logs can be used in MAI to trigger alerts based on events written by the Managed System. 

User and Role Information for J2EE

For technical systems of type Java user and role information could be added. For more information see here: Adding User and Role Information for J2EE

Configuration Validation UI

  • BW Reporting Templates
    Per column the string length is now 250 chars 

  • Reporting Directory
    The reporting directory includes now also the Bookmark entries

Comparison Lists 

Comparison List could be implemented on a Badi to build dynamic comparison lists based on customer attributes. For more information see here: SAP Note 2365039

Fiori Launchpad

Using SAP Solution Manager 7,2 Launchpad navigate to the group Root Cause Analysis

Make sure you see the tile: Root Cause Analysis  (for E2E Change Analysis and Change Reporting) 

Make sure you see the tile: Configuration Valdiation

Using SAP Solution Manager 7,2 Launchpad navigate to the group SAP Solution Manager Administration

Make sure you see the tile: Templates – Root Cause Analysis

Make sure you see the tile: Configuration Change Database (which is CCDB admin)

Note: You can add tiles, by using the Launchpad function “Personalize Home Page” (available underneath your user profile in the top right hand corner).

What has been added in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP05?

Sending reports via email

Unfortunately, SAP BW Information Broadcasting is no longer supported in SAP BW 7.40. To reports are provided to send Configuration Validation reports via email scheduled via background job:


System Recommendation Report: DIAGCV_SEND_SYSREC

Target System Merger

Report to merge several target systems into a new one: DIAGCV_MERGE_TARGET_SYSTEMS

Background: Customer would like to create out of baseline target systems a single one or a fewer ones to match own reporting purposes.

New key operator for table stores: regex

To be able to define more compact definitions a new operator was added for table store keys. It allows to define matching key columns using a regular expression (like already available for data columns).

Dashboard Builder Integration

Introducing suitable interfaces for the dashboard builder framework to build security or configuration validation dashboards. See dashboard builder blog for more details.

Trend Analysis:





Configuration Validation:

Function model: DIAGCPL_CV_DSH 

Trend Analysis

Added to Trend Analysis a last recent query and BW Template to show only the last validation execution of the trend.

CCDB Content


Selected profile parameters of an ABAP instance, which you can define multiple times, plus additional entries showing the concatenated values of these parameters: icm/HTTP/admin_ALLicm/HTTP/auth_ALLicm/HTTP/logging_ALL, icm/HTTP/redirect_ALL, and icm/server_port_ALL.

It allows, e.g. to check if at least one of the parameters icm/server_port_0 to icm/server_port_9 contains an entry for HTTPS because all parameter value  are concatenated into the entry icm/server_port_ALL.


Extended by column TRAIL_TYPE (  could be: TABLE | SYSLOG | CSV )


SECURITY_POLICY_USAGE provides usage overview for policies for ABAP systems

Config Store RFCSYSACL

With new field RFCTCDCHK to check the transaction code

What has been added in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP06?

New Validation and Trend Analysis Reporting

A new reporting UI is provided to offer an alternative to the existing reporting based on BW 3.5 Web Templates. It includes reporting using rules in target systems against data available in CCDB as well reporting against pre-calculated validation runs which is known as trend analysis. A new tile has been introduced to launch "Configuration Validation Reporting" directly from the Launchpad. It's not available within the existing Configuration Validation UI.

CCDB Content

Config Store J2EE_PSE_CERT

To validate the J2EE certificates more properly it was necessary to add the validity information of the private keys to the already existing config store J2EE_PSE_CERT.

 A “Private Key” entry in a keystore view consists of:

  • A private key
  • A corresponding x.509 certificate

The x.509 certificate has several relevant and interesting properties (e.g. Validity Dates, Key length, Algorithm). Especially validity dates are extremely important in this case, since the private key entries are entries that have to be renewed. We only collect the data from the x.509 certificate. The private keys themselves are not collected or analyzed.

This page is part of the Application Operations Wiki. Notice that Application Operations itself is a use-case of SAP Solution Manager

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