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If you want to set up technical monitoring or business process monitoring for a non-SAP system, you need to create the technical system in LMDB first. If your 3rd party system has an SLD data supplier this is easy, as the technical system can be registered in SLD and from there will be promoted to LMDB.
In most cases your 3rd party system does not support SLD data suppliers. In this case you have to create the system manually in LMDB to be able to activate the monitoring, e.g. generic Http Ping or custom metrics from Wily Introscope. If you want to use the non-SAP system for business process monitoring, some additional steps have to be performed.
This guide describes how to create non-SAP systems in LMDB and make them usable for Technical Monitoring and Business Process Monitoring. The actual setup of the non-SAP monitoring is described in other guides depending on the metrics and the scenario you want to use it in.

There are some changes on Solution Manager side as of 7.1 SP10. So in case your Solution Manager 7.1 is <= SP08 use the "Creating Unspecific Cluster System SP08" guide. As of Solution Manager 7.1 SP10 please use the "Creating Unspecific Cluster System SP10" guide.


  File Modified
PDF File Creating Unspecific Cluster SystemSP08.pdf Creating Unspecific Cluster System SP08 Oct 10, 2013 by Frank Kuehn
PDF File Creating Unspecific Cluster SystemSP10.pdf Creating Unspecific Cluster System SP10 Dec 06, 2013 by Frank Kuehn


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