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This page contains a collection of small video sequences focusing on selected main scenarios on how to get started with the Data Volume Management Work Center. It provides a quick introduction how to reach the most important functions and dashboards within the DVM Work Center. It might also help to understand some functionality even before setting it up.

In case nothing else is specified, all videos start from within the DVM Work Center itself, which means you need to start transaction SOLMAN_WORKCENTER  or  SM_WORKCENTER and navigate to the 'Data Volume Management' Tab.

The table below contains recordings that were made on differing SP levels of SAP Solution Manager 7.10. The software used to make these recordings is not uniform. consequently the look and feel and the navigation options are likely to vary throughout. It may also be necessary for you to update your codec or install another viewer to be able to view some of these files. For example, the Quicktime viewer from Apple Inc., is available at the following location:

Video Tutorials





Data Allocation by Product


Display landscape's data consumption by SAP product view

Data Allocation by System


Display landscape's data consumption by system view

Data Allocation by Application Area


Display landscape's data consumption by Application Area view

Data Allocation by Document Type


Display landscape's data consumption by Document Type view

Age of Record AnalysisVideo Schedule an Age of Record Analysis
Guided Self ServiceVideo  Create a guided self service for dedicated objects of your choice
DVM Workcenter capabilitiesVideo General Capabilities of the DVM WoC 
Reorg & Compression AnalysisVideo Find out if it is worthwhile or necessary to perform a Reorganization or Compress the existing data
Impact & Reference AnalysisVideo Find out the links between Technical Objects and Business Objects (processes, steps , transactions, reports.
Forecast & Simulation Video  Simulate the future size and cost reductions by altering various parameters in this forecasting cockpit
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