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News for DVM

We recently detected that logging of Data Changes was incorrectly set for some DVM specific tables (AGSDVM*). please refer to SAP note 2760271 for further details.


DVM Cloud Solution for S/4HANA systems is available. In the attached document you can find a brief introduction, the technical prerequisites and how to go about availing of the service.


S/4 HANA - where to focus pre-conversion

Help Documentation - Solution Manager 7.2 SP08


SAP Solution Manager 7.2

Please have a look at SAP Solution Manager processes, including Data Volume Management






















Many customers use the Data Volume Managements tools and processes to manage & control their SAP Landscape data. 
Growth in data volumes can be driven by numerous factors. As a result too much data tends to remain on the live database, in many cases data that is never used is stored on the live database. Retaining too much data or keeping it when it is no longer useful or required can lead to rising IT costs, complex system management and decelerated system performance.

Ideally, You want to run your database as lean as possible by getting rid of waste and keeping the relevant data for your business processes.

This topic becomes even more relevant in the context of an SAP HANA installation.

The Solution
SAP Data Volume Management describes a process and provides tools and services to ensure that all aspects in the life-cycle for managing and controlling data are covered.

The Benefits

  • Reduced System Size & Growth Rate
  • Lean run system
  • Transparency on data volumes throughout your landscape
  • Transparency on key S/4HANA specific DVM Metrics
  • Insights on applicable DVM counter measures
  • Knowledge and best practices for deploying DVM counter measures
  • End to End process for managing your data volumes
Services & Training

Please sign up for the SAP Learning Hub and access our Learning Catalogue. Search for Data Volume Management topics.

You can Sign up at SAP Enterprise Support Academy


Useful Links

The following links provide you with access to a wealth of DVM materials. Use these to build your knowledge and gain best practice recommendations from SAP.

 Video tutorial sessions


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