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Application Operations in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 provides System and Application Management capabilities for central monitoring, alerting, analytics, and administration of SAP centric cloud and on-premise solutions.

This wiki content is no longer maintained and has been moved to the SAP Solution Manager 7.2 expert portal page:

Please note that this tool is no longer available

About the Tool

The EM Perflog Analyzer is an unofficial tool developed to facilitate the analysis of the performance log(perflog) generated by the Introscope Enterprise Manager. This log file can be found in the EM host within the log folder, and it holds performance history information. 

After loading this file into the tool, a series of health checks will be performed and depending on the results, the most adequate recommendations will be shown. 

Download Latest Version

The latest version can be downloaded from the following KBA.

2156320 - EM Perflog Analyzer Tool 

Running the Analysis

After excuting the tool, use the “browse” button on the top left corner of the application screen and select the file “perflog.txt”. The file is located at <EM_HOME>/logs/perflog.txt .

After selecting the file, it’s path will show up in the selection field.


Press the button “Start Analysis”. The checks will be performed and the results will be shown right away.

Interpreting the results 

Sections of Data

The perflog.txt file collects a a variety of performance metrics from the Enterprise Manager after each 15 seconds cycle.  For each cycle a line is added in the file with the current state of the reported metrics.  The Perflog Analyzer tool reads all of these entries and groups it in sections.

Each section represents a load of data since an specific start fo the Enterprise Manager, where the last section represents the data since the last start registered in the perflog.txt file. All data previous to the first starts is not considered for the analysis.

e.g.:  Let’s say an hypothetical  perflog.txt file is being analyzed by the tool and contains data from 01/01/2014 up to 31/12/2014. If said file had 3 different starts registered on the dates :

  • 01/02/2014
  • 05/06/2014
  • 20/11/2014

The tool will analyze the data in file separated in 3 different sections being the following:

  • Section 1 –  data between 01/02/2014 – 05/06/2014
  • Section 2 –  data between 05/06/2014 – 20/11/2014
  • Section 3 –  data between 20/11/2014 – Last entry in the file.

Remark: All data  befor the first start(01/01/2014 - 01/02/2014) will not be considered for analysis.

After running the analysis, the tool will enable a dropbox on the top of the application screen. This dropbox can be used to select the section of data on which the checks will be performed. By standard, the tool will show the most recent group of data.

Important: If you change the selected section, the check results may change as the entries being analyzed are specifically referent to the selected section period.


After running the analysis, the tool will organize the collected data and display it in 3 different tabs according to the selected section(see Interpreting the results – Sections of Data) :

  • Results tab
  • Checks tab
  • Perf Log tab

Results Tab

The Results tab is the main tab, selected by standard. Right after the analysis it’ll bring the results for all the checks performed in the collected data for the selected section (see Interpreting the results – Sections of Data).

Each check is shown separately and brings a color alert representing the status of the results where:

  • GREEN = OK – This check has found no problems
  • YELLOW = Warning – This check has found some indications that require some attention
  • RED = Problem – This check has found a sitution that requires some action

Along with the color alert, the check result will bring a short message indicating the check status and a textbox with the recommendations according to the results. At right side of each check, there is also a “See details” button which will bring you to this specific check under the “Checks” tab, where more information can be found about the results and the data analyzed.

Checks Tab

The Checks tab is the second tab. Differently from the “Results” tab, it’ll show only one check results at time, but in more details. Depending on the check, this tab will bring the frequency with which some situations are present in the log as well as average values. In this tab, again, the results will be referent to the data for the selected section (see Interpreting the results – Sections of Data).

This tab is divided in two views:

  • Left view – List of checks: This view shows the list of all checks performed by the tool. It is possible to directly select the desired check in the list to see it’s results.
  • Right view – Check results:  This view shows the the detailed results for the selected check. Differently from the results in the “Results” tab, this one will bring also more informative data about the check and the entries analyzed from the log file.

Perf Log Tab

The Perf Log tab is the third tab. This is an informative tab which collects and show the perflog analyzed entries, organized in a table.  In this tab, again, the data will be referent to the selected section (see Interpreting the results – Sections of Data).

On the biggest area of this tab, the selected section’s entries are shown in an organized table. It is possible to sort the entries by any of the presented values.

Under the table, there is a small section of the application screen reserved for log messages regarding the tool execution.

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  1. Hi Fabricius


    is there an other places where i can download the analyzer? I cann't retrieve the page .


    regards Marion


    1. Former Member

      Hi Marion,


      I'm glad to hear you're interested in trying the tool. 

      The files are currently in the SAP Mobile Documents with public access. It could be that it was shortly unavailable at the moment you tried or experiencing a heavy load. 

      Would you please try downloading it once again? In case it is still unavailable, I'll prepare a different repository for you.




  2. Hi;

    sorry , but it doesn't work




  3. Former Member

    Hi Marion,


    We've changed the way we'll deliver the tool. Now it is included as an attachment in its dedicated KBA. 

    Please try downloading it from the attachments sections of the KBA:


    2156320 - EM Perflog Analyzer Tool 

    best regards,


  4. Hi Fabricius,

    very nice. The analyzer is runnning ang we have a useful analysis; with some helpful notes and hints.






    1. Former Member

      Hi Marion,


      I'm glad to hear the tool is helping!! Thanks a lot for the feedback!


      best regards,


  5. Hi Fabricius Zatti,


    This is real good tool. One stop shop to check the health of EM. I've been trying to propose EM changes to my client for some time now and this tool will really help me not only substantiate my proposal but also help me provide the extra information that it brings in. Heap info, Harvest duration, SmartStor duration, nice to see data about these lesser known side of EM.

    Thanks a lot.


    Best Regards

    Dhiraj Kumar

    1. Former Member

      Hi Dhiraj,


      Thanks a lot for this feedback!

      I'm really glad to hear about the positive impact of our tool. It is uplifting to know that our efforts into making something useful, are bringing good results.


      best regards,


  6. Former Member

    When I try to download the Tool... it asks me for another ID and PWD... 

    1. Former Member

      Hello Coy,



      As the tool is provided via KBA, an S-user is required to access it and download the tool.


      kind regards,


      1. Former Member

        how do I get that access...