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Before proceeding with FAQ, it is absolutely necessary to verify the following;

  1. You have maintained S-User and Password in SAP Solution Manager with download authorizations from Service Market Place. This information in maintained in Solution Manager Configuration work center -> Specify Connectivity Data. 
  2. The RFC connection to OSS (ABAP Connection: SAP-OSS) is maintained and the connectivity is working fine.
  3. The RFC Connection to Service Market Place (HTTP Connection to ABAP System: SMPAUDWNLD) is maintained and the connectivity is working fine.
  4. In transaction SICF, you have maintained Global settings, and HTTP and HTTPS proxy settings to connect to SAP servers.
  5. In transaction STRUST, you have registered the following certificates for the SSL Client SSL Client (Standard) server:
    1. GTE CyberTrust Global Root
    2. VeriSign Class 3 Secure Server CA  



 1. Different Status in Rapid Content Delivery application

  1. Available for Download:
    1.  Can be manually downloaded by clicking on ‘Download’ button
    2.  Batch job which run weekly will automatically download content

    3. In this status, content applications will not be able to import content

  2. Downloaded
           a. Once content is downloaded from SAP Service Market Place, the status of Content is set as ‘Downloaded’. The content is now ready for Import from Content applications like MAI
  3. Imported

                    a.  The status of content is set as ‘Imported’ once the content import is successful.

2. How to download the content that is 'Available for Download' 

Once Pre-requisites are fulfilled, content will be ‘Available for download’. The job ‘JOBNAME SM: RCD_CHECK_UPDATES’ is scheduled for a weekly run. On successful run of this job, the content will be downloaded

If content needs to be downloaded immediately, select the content and click on ‘Download’ button. The content will be downloaded from Service Market Place. This content is now ready for import through content applications.


 3. What is error "HTTPIO_PLG_CANCELED" and how to resolve it?

You may get this error due to unconfigured SSL. SSL configuration is required for RFC destination 'SMPAUDWNLD'  to work.

Note: 510007 details out the steps for SSL configuration.

4. what is error "ICM_HTTP_SSL_ERROR"" and how to resolve it ?

This error "ICM_HTTP_SSL_ERROR" could  be due to certificates issues. Ensure that you have the required certificates imported in STRUST.

Also, please check if proxy settings are ok (using SICF transaction)

The details of the above are mentioned in pre-requisites

5. what is error " ICM_HTTP_CONNECTION_FAILED" and how to resolve it ?

This error " ICM_HTTP_CONNECTION_FAILED" is due to wrong proxy settings

As connection to domain name is http connection to the external website, the connection SMPAUDWNLD should be made via corporate proxy Add the proxy info in the connection (SICF)  to see if the issue is resolved.

6. You want to restrict the (internet) access from your network to the access to the SAP Service Marketplace.

Please check the note 155954 - SAP Service Marketplace: Proxy addresses 


7. What does "SAPCAR: error in signature verification (error 60) SSF-RC:SSF_API_UNKNOWN_SIGNER" mean?

This could be because of the outdated SAPCRYPTOLIB on customer system. SAPCRYPTOLIB is required for signature verification. NW SSO team can guide the customer here on how to upgrade the lib (App. component : BC-IAM-SL)


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  1. Former Member

    Hi Raghav,

    Nice doc.

    I'm currently configuring Technical Monitoring in SOLMAN 7.1 SP12 and reached section 2.7 Update Content. Within the logs, I can see that RFC SMPAUDWNLD is failing with error ICM_HTTP_CONNECTION_FAILED. Can you please tell me what I can do to resolve this issue? I do not have any corporate proxy and https service has been configured in SMICM as well as ssl.

    Also, this rfc is calling URL Should I add an entry in the host file of solman for

    thanks & regards,




    1. Hi Suraj,

      An entry in host file is not mandatory here. Can you please raise a message in SV-SMG-RCD if the above doesn't help?

      Also, do you see any logs in SMICM wrt the connection.



  2. Former Member

    Hi Vencatesh,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Please see below SMICM logs:

    [Thr 04] IcmGetServicePtr: <fqdn>:1443 - new serv_ref_count: 1
    [Thr 04] IcmIConnConnect: direct connect to
    [Thr 04] NiHLGetNodeAddr: found hostname '' in cache
    [Thr 04] *** WARNING => Connection request from (31/100/0) to host:, service: 1443 failed (NIEHOST_UNKNOWN)

    Any other tips? Or I'll raise a message...




  3. Former Member

    Hi Vencatesh,


    I was able to resolve the above, it was a security issue.

    But now I'm getting ICM_HTTP_SSL_ERROR error and I guess it's due to the certicates. Do you have some documentation on how to download these certs and import them in SOLMAN?








    1. In transaction STRUST, you have registered the following certificates for the SSL Client SSL Client (Standard) server:

  4. Former Member

    Hi Vencatesh,

    I have already done the above but still I'm getting the ICM_HTTP_SSL_ERROR error. Anyways I'm looking at the logs to see anything unusual.





  5. I'm getting the same ICM_HTTP_SSL_ERROR.

    Is there a solution available ?

    1. Hi Marian,

      I hope, you have followed all the steps as per Rapid Content Delivery documentation.

      Can you check what option was chosen for SSL certificate (SMPAUDWNLD destination > Logon & Security tab > Status of Security Protocol frame)?. Say for example, if it is "DEFAULT Client SSL standard" then the said 3 certificates in the above configuration documentation should be imported in "Client SSL standard" of STRUST.

      It should work then I believe, please do check.


      Vamsi Krishna.

  6. The setting is: DEFAULT SSL-Client(Standard) and the 3 certificates are imported in STRUST.;
    LE: just tested and it's working again; probably just a temporary inconvenience.

  7. How to compare content between new and existing version because its update can affect the MAI?Can we measure Impact beforehand?



  8. Former Member



    Hi venkatesh,

    I have configure

    1. SSL in solution manager 7.1 SP12
    2. Imported the below certificates to SSL Client Standard in STRUST
      • Baltimore CyberTrust Root
      • VeriSign Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority - G5
      • GTE CyberTrust Global Roo

    But RFC SMPAUDWNLD is showing the result as below, is this fine ?


    Status HTTP Response    400

    Status Text    Bad Request

    Duration Test Call    1633 ms





  9. Former Member


    I tried scheduling Background job in SM37 but getting below error. 

    19.01.2016 16:32:14 Job started

    19.01.2016 16:32:14 Step 001 started (program RCSU_AUTO_NOTIFY_AND_DWLD, variant , user ID

    19.01.2016 16:32:14 Job SM: RAPID_CONTENT_DELIVERY started

    19.01.2016 16:32:24 Error while connecting to SAP SMP; check HTTP destination SMPAUDWNLD

    19.01.2016 16:32:25 Internal session terminated with a runtime error (see ST22)

    19.01.2016 16:32:25 Job cancelled


    But when i check RFC "SMPAUDWNLD"  i am not getting any error but the status of the RFC

    Status HTTP Response    400

    Status Text    Bad Request


    Any help here pls.?



    1. Hi Ahamed,

      I would suggest to raise a ticket with SAP (component: SV-SMG-RCD) for the same. Let me know if you have already raised the same.



  10. Former Member

    Hi Venkatesh,

    Yes SAP Message has been raised for the same.