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What does End-to-End Root Cause provide on top of component root cause analysis, that is traditionally provided out of the box on the productive system?

In today’s distributed, multi-technology customer solutions with multi-channel access through diverse devices and client applications, analyzing the root cause of an incident requires a systematic top-down approach. For instance, if an end user experiences a performance problem in his browser, the performance hit may be in the client, in the network or somewhere in the server environment, which itself comprises of different instances of different technologies. Server-side processing may take place in an SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal (based on Java technology), then reach out to an ERP backend (based on ABAP technology) and finally call the database and the storage subsystem for data retrieval. A performance problem or functional defect may occur at one or all stages of this roundtrip launched by the end user from the browser. The E2E root cause analysis tools help identify the problematic component and component diagnostics is still there for deep dive.