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For which customers does SAP recommend to implement End-to-End Root Cause Analysis?

Customers that just run an ABAP stack and access it via SAPGUI can still be supported not leveraging End-to-End Root Cause Analysis capabilities. However with use of alternative type of accesses such as Web Access, access through mobile devices or office clients (Duet) or with using other server technology than Web AS ABAP, End-to-End Root Cause Analysis is key for efficient support. End-to-End Root Cause Analysis is a new level of diagnostics which aims at isolating a problematic component in a distributed heterogeneous customer landscape. It does not replace the component diagnostics on Web AS ABAP or Java, but complements them by providing capabilities to provide a systematic top down “criminal search”. End-to-End Root Cause Analysis is provided through SAP Solution Manager while component root cause analysis is still available out of the box with the installation of the component.