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I am not yet on SAP Solution Manager 7.0 SP10 or higher and therefore have not yet the end-to-end root cause analysis capabilities such as End-to-End Workload and End-to-End Trace Analysis. What does SAP Solution Manager 7.0 with regards to Root Cause Analysis offer on lower SPs?

SAP Solution Manager 7.0 SP9 and lower offers capabilities around Java supportability and safe remote access to operation system, standalone databases and WebAS Java. Java supportability includes Wily Introscope including instrumentation and dashboards for Portal, XI, BI (Java Frontend) and CRM as well as Java Thread and Java Memory Analysis. Also a configuration analyzer for non-ABAP support is provided which allows to centrally display technical configuration and compare development, quality assurance and production system with daily taken configuration snapshots. Safe remote access provides the capability to access diagnostics relevant data of the operating system, the database and Web AS Java from SAP Solution Manager as a central web based user interface without any need to work on operating system level. These capabilities include an OS command console which allows to execute safe (read only) commands on the operating system from SAP Solution Manager. Furthermore it is possible to monitor standalone databases and execute read only queries against these. The J2EE Command Console allows to investigate system internals of WebAS Java from SAP Solution Manager, without the need to logon to OS or J2EE Visual Administrator.