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What happens if I want to get support from SAP Active Global Support for a customer landscape with more than just R/3 accessed via SAPGUI, and End-to-End Root Cause Analysis is not implemented?

In this case, SAP support engineers need to logon to operation system via application sharing connection types. When opening these connection types, the customer needs to accept a disclaimer explaining the risk of root cause analysis on OS level. Even worse, SAP Support might not be able to solve performance problems as tools such as End-to-End Workload and Exception Analysis, End-to-End Change Analysis, End-to-End Trace, Java Memory and Java Thread Dump Analysis and Wily Introscope are required for fast resolution. These tools are only available through End-to-End Root Cause Analysis in SAP Solution Manager. Hence, End-to-End Root Cause Analysis is an essential prerequisite to perform incident resolution for JAVA based SAP customer solutions. If End-to-End Root Cause Analysis is not installed and configured, your service level with SAP is dramatically degraded. SAP is as blind as you are when End-to-End Root Cause Analysis is not implemented. Some customers have experienced this the hard way and adopted End-to-End Root Cause Analysis only after time-to-resolution in a crisis affected business continuity in a way that the CIO was attacked by the business. Hence, SAP highly recommends a proactive implementation of End-to-End Root Cause Analysis.