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When implementing End-to-End Root Cause Analysis, which savings can a customer expect?

With regards to license costs, all tools which perform root cause analysis for SAP standard products are already included. License and maintenance costs for 3rd party tools with root cause analysis scope can be avoided. In contrast to those tools on the market, the SAP tools are available off-the-shelf, all agents and data extractors are delivered out-of-the-box for SAP satellites, configuration is highly automated and can be adopted in a couple of days. Through the top down analysis approach, root cause analysis is more targeted and continuous business availability is improved. Also the number of component experts involved in root cause analysis is reduced. Finally the data collected through the agents can also be used for Service Level Reporting. Through automated creation of such reports, human administrative efforts can be reduced. If the customer would like to use the best practices and tools also for custom code and the custom frontend environment, this is available as part of the Solution Support Enablement Pack.