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Can you provide examples of such cross-component root cause analysis tools that are available today in SAP Solution Manager?

One is the End-to-End Workload Analysis. It provides unified access to server side workload statistics. Here you can find out if all servers of your solution are running with good performance. Another very powerful end-to-end root cause analysis feature is the End-to-End trace. This allows to record performance and functional defects for a single activity of a user or process, from browser to disk. The measurement is started at the user interface of the end user and the trace level for the roundtrip is selected. When the request hits the downstream servers, all components switch on their traces on and change the log level for that roundtrip for that particular user. Finally, SAP Solution Manager collects the complete picture of that roundtrip and you can identify which component caused the bottleneck. These features are available in SAP Solution Manager today and have been successfully implemented at large customers of SAP.