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Does End-to-End Root Cause Analysisalso include 3rd party tools and are they included in SAP Solution Manager without additional license costs?

SAP has licensed two third-party products to complete the key capabilities in root cause analysis capabilities: CA‘s Wily Introscope for server-side root cause analysis, and BMC AppSight for client-side root cause analysis. Both products are highly adaptable and are delivered by SAP fully preconfigured for SAP products (containing instrumentation and dashboards for SAP). CA Wily Introscope is fully integrated in the server-side root cause analysis infrastructure of SAP Solution Manager (both on the agent side on the managed systems as well as in the central SAP Solution Manager). The Solution Manager "Right-to-View" license allows the customer to view SAP-shipped instrumentation and dashboards. SAP can ship such instrumentation and dashboards for all products on the SAP pricelist (including products that SAP resells even if they do not run on SAP Web Application Server). Customers using the Introscope Right-to-View license included with Solution Manager may only deploy Introscope agents to monitor SAP and third-party applications on the SAP pricelist. The recording agent (known as Blackbox) of BMC Appsight for SAP Client Diagnostics is also included in SAP Solution Manager, allowing customers to create trace files on clients and attach these to messages to SAP (e.g. as expertise on demand request). The BMC Appsight Console for analyzing the recordings is also included in SAP Solution Manager.