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Is CA Introscope the new standard of SAP to perform alerting and notification in the context of a proactive monitoring concept?

No, it is not. This is done through the new monitoring & alerting infrastructure in SAP Solution Manager. SAP is leveraging CA Introscope as a very efficient metric management system that allows customers to collect diagnostics data on productive satellites with minimal overhead (with standard instrumentation delivered by SAP not more than 5% overhead) and store it for further analysis in the managing system (CA Introscope Enterprise Manager in SAP Solution Manager). CA Introscope also extends the diagnostics agent of SAP Solution Manager with byte code morphing technology, allowing it to configure the measurement points in applications from outside without the need to change the code statically (so called dynamic instrumentation). This is available for managed code on Java and .NET. For unmanaged code on C++, SAP has a library that server side C programs such as MDM have linked in their code which provides performance and resource metrics statically. CA Introscope is one provider of performance metrics. There are still other providers such as the statistical records in Web AS ABAP and Java. SAP does not store them in CA Introscope. Therefore, CA Introscope can not be an end-to-end monitoring solution for SAP.
If you want to know more about the new monitoring and alerting infrastructure, please have a look here.