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How much data does End-to-End Root Cause Analysis transfer to SAP Solution Manager and what is the expected data growth in the diagnostics database in SAP Solution Manager?

SAP strongly recommends to keep the standard housekeeping activated by the Solution Manager Setup during configuration of the Managing System (Data is copied periodically to higher density cubes, e.g. from cube with granularity 1 hour to cube with granularity 1 day and data can deleted from cubes after a retention period which is configurable per cube). With activated housekeeping (reducing data growth by approximately 75%), an Enterprise Portal with 8 instrumented nodes, providing 1000 metrics per node and hour (which is an unusually high number already), will result in database growth of 1.6GB per year.

An accurate calculation of the database growth is included in the sizing toolkit which can be found in SAP Service Marketplace under the quicklink /sizing-solman.