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In which order should I connect development, quality assurance and production managed systems to SAP Solution Manager? Should I connect only Production to SAP Solution Manager?

SAP recommends to first connect the development/quality assurance Solution Manager with with one of the development/quality assurance managed system, to perform an intergration test on the development/quality assurance Solution Manager. Then connect the development/quality assurance/production managed system with the production Solution Manager to enable productive root cause analysis on all systems


  1. Former Member

    We are upgrading our ERP systems from EHP5 to EHP 7. Do we need to run Managed System Setup in SM 7.1 again after ERP upgrade? We are also planning to upgrade other systems EP, BI, PI etc. Is it mandatory to run Managed System Setup after each satellite system upgrade.

  2. Yes, it is mandatory to run the Managed System Configuration again after upgrading the Managed System

    Since SP12 you can use the Automatic Managed System Configuration: