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Which options does the customer have to implement End-to-End Root Cause Analysis? Does a service exist to implement End-to-End Root Cause Analysis?

The customer can order the Solution Manager Starter Pack to let SAP configure End-to-End Root Cause Analysis. From SP13 or higher, the customer can do the configuration of End-to-End Root Cause Analysis also on his own (up to SP12, SAP only has released to customers the configuration of all features included up to Solution Manager 7.0 SP9, see question I am not yet on SAP Solution Manager 7.0 SP10 or higher and therefore have not yet the end-to-end root cause analysis capabilities such as End-to-End Workload and End-to-End Trace Analysis. What does SAP Solution Manager 7.0 with regards to Root Cause Analysis offer on lower SPs?). Please report issues that you experience during configuration to the component SV-SMG-DIA on the SAP Service Marketplace.

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