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How can a customer learn to use End-to-End Root Cause Analysis?

SAP offers training and certification for Root Cause Analysis core competence as well as training on the job to make sure that customers and partners properly use the acquired knowledge during the certification and also get to know expert skills for SAP solutions such as BI, XI, Portal or CRM. To make sure that the right knowledge is pushed to the workplace of the support engineer, the Root Cause Analysis scenario in SAP Solution Manager contains a help center which gives access to documents and flash videos showing concepts and basic flow of procedures and tools in End-to-End Root Cause Analysis. The help center is a dynamic learning concept which adapts the help content according to the customer solution and the tool that a support engineer has selected to perform. If you do not have configured Root Cause Analysis in your SAP Solution Manager yet, you can see some of the basic flash videos in the learning map for SAP Solution Manager 7.0 ( => Solution Manager 7.0 => CCC employee => End-to-End Root Cause Analysis). All available information for customers for positioning, training and certification, installation and configuration as well as for architecture is available via