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Which training and certification offerings exist for customers and partners to learn to use End-to-End Root Cause Analysis?

SAP offers training and certification to learn how to perform Root Cause Analysis. End-to-End Root Cause Analysis core competence is trained in E2E100 which is available through SAP Education. MaxAttention customers can budget E2E100 trainings on premise through their MaxAttention service contingent (which is more cost efficient for about five employees and above). E2E100 teaches the minimum root cause analysis skills that everyone in the SAP ecosystem (customer, partner, SAP) should have, regardless if he works in technology or application. After successful completion of the test, attendees receive the certificate Application Management Expert – Root Cause Analysis. All employees delivering Safeguarding and MaxAttention are certified in Root Cause Analysis. E2E100 does not cover specifics for solutions such as BI, XI, Portal or CRM. It is designed to be a technical core competence class explaining key procedure and tools to support all kind of SAP solutions. Workload Analysis, Exception Analysis and Trace Analysis are explained for both Web AS ABAP and Web AS Java. For MaxAttention and Safeguarding customers, SAP Active Global Support provides End-to-End Solution Operations Packages, which are on-site services to optimize the customer solution while providing hands on training on the job to the customer support team. Within this one to two week expert knowledge transfer for Portal, XI, BI and CRM, experts from Active Global Support can teach specifics of End-to-End Root Cause Analysis capabilities with the help of customer tailored workshop material.