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SAP Solution Manager 7.2

Available features for Solution Manager 7.2 Central PI Monitoring depending on PI system release. All the features mentioned in older releases are included in the newer ones.

Example: SAP PI 7.31 would have "Central User-defined Search" and "Enhanced Component-based Message Alerting" plus all the features indicated for SAP PI 7.11 releases.

SAP PI 7.11+SAP PI 7.31+SAP PI 7.4+SAP PI 7.5+
  • New SAPUI5 based UI


  • Template based configuration


  • Support of Multiple PI Domains


  • Add related metrics


  • Support of the UI5 Shell Personalization Features

  • Component Monitor


  • Channel Monitor incl. exclusion PI Communication Channels from Alerting


  • Message Monitor
  • Central User-defined Search
  • Enhanced Component-based Message Alerting
  • SAP NetWeaver BPM Monitoring
  • Monitoring of PI Integration Gateway







Central PI Monitoring Home Page





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