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Application Operations in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 provides System and Application Management capabilities for central monitoring, alerting, analytics, and administration of SAP centric cloud and on-premise solutions.

This wiki content has been moved to the SAP Solution Manager 7.2 expert portal.  Any child pages of this wiki are deprecated and no longer maintained.

The Guided Procedure Management application in the Technical Administration Work Center is the central place to document recurring administrative tasks or alert resolution and troubleshooting guides as guided procedures and to access Guided Procedure Content delivered by SAP. The application allows you to execute the guided procedures for selected systems , hosts or databases and to review the status and logs of past executions of the guided procedures.
In addition you can plan the execution of guided procedures in the future using IT Task Planning.
The following screenshot shows the entry screen of the Guided Procedure Management application.
From here you can jump to the Guided Procedure Browser to see the list of available guided procedures, to execute or maintain them or to create new guided procedures
You can also start the Guided Procedure Log Book to review the status and logs of past guided procedure executions.
IT Task Planning allows to plan the single or recurrent execution of Guided Procedures with the help of CRM tasks.

Guided Procedure Browser


From the Guided Procedure Management application entry screen you can select a scope (managed systems, databases or hosts) and start the Guided Procedure Browser . The Guided Procedure Browser shows the customer defined Guided Procedures that are relevant for the selected  scope as well as Guided Procedure templates delivered by SAP.

If you clear the Quick Criteria Maintenance, the Guided Procedure Browser will show all guided procedures maintained for the Application Operations Area.

Depending on your authorizations you can create new guided procedures, maintain existing ones, display or execute guided procedures and review statistics and logs of past executions of these guided procedures in the Guided Procedure Logbook.

  Executing a guided procedure

When you press the execute button, the selected guided procedure runtime UI opens and allows you to execute the guided procedure. All steps and actvities will be executed for the selected scope. This means, manual activites with naviagtion links will navigate to the managed system(s) selected in the scope, automatic actvities, custom UIs or plugins might trigger automatic actions in the  managed system(s) .

The following screenshot shows an example of the guided procedure runtime UI.


On top of the UI,  the Guided Procedure scope (system(s), database(s) or host(s)) are listed for which the guided procedure will be executed.  

 The roadmap shows all steps of the guided procedure and provides information which step is currently processed . Traffic lights indicate the execution status of the activities in the steps.

The help section provides detailed information to each step, such as what needs to be done and what will happen in the background.

The activity section lists all single activities contained in  each step along with the activity documentation which describes what exactly has to be done.

The Guided Procedure Framework supports the following types of activities:

  • Manual activities contain a documentation what needs to be done and optionally a navigation link to a screen in the managed system, solution manager or an external link.
  • Automatic activities trigger the autoamtic execution of certain activities in solution manager in background.
  • Custom UIs and Plugins provide embedded UIs that allow the user to enter data and trigger based on these data the execution of certain activities in Solution Manager or in the managed system.

The Log section shows detailed logs for every activity that was performed. Logs are updated automatically based on the execution status of each activitiy. You can also enter a comment here.

Editing Guided Procedures

The Guided Procedure Maintenance allows to edit existing guided procedures or create new guided procedures. The guided procedure step  on the left side reflects the roadmap that is displayed when executing guided procedures. The right side shows the step details including help texts , actvities or custom UIs and allows to maintain documentation, add new manual activities or integrate existing automatic actvities, custom uis or plugins. A detailed description how to create new guided procedures is available here.


Guided Procedure Logbook


The Guided Procedure Logbook provides an overview over executed guided procedure instances  for selectable time frames. It can be started either from the entry screen of the Guided Procedure Management application for one system , host or database. The Guided Procedure Logbook is also accessible   from Guided Procedure Browser for one system , host or database and for the selected guided procedure type. It will show all executed  guided procedure instances for the selected scope that were started  in a selectable time interval.

The Guided Procedure Log Book is structured as follows:

  • The header section shows the selected managed object scope. The selected time frame is by default the last seven days . You can change the time frame here.
  • The statistics section shows how many guided procedure execution instances have been
    • executed with error
    • executed partially
    • executed compeltely and without error
    • created but processing has not yet started in the selected time frame for the selected managed object  (and for the selected guided procedure type if started from Guided Procedure Browser). You can also select or deselect stati here so that for example only guided procedure execution instances with error will be displayed.
  • The guided procedure list below shows all guided procedure execution instances last accesseesd in the related time frame.  Shown here are status, version of the guided procedure, time stamp of last access, processor, which managed objects were invovled in the guided procedure and the comment the processor entered when processing the complete step. Depending on your authorizations you can also contiune to process a unfinished guided procedure execution instance from here or start a new one.
  • The step overview allows to drill down to the steps of the selected guided procedure execution instance. It provides information about status and log messages of the executed steps of the selected guided procedure execution instance.




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