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October 2017 - 30 viewed KBA:
2348537How to troubleshoot error "cannot connect to service sapstar166
2264627How to Troubleshoot Grey HANA Metrics in Technical Monitorin85
1853096False alert "ABAP Message Server Status" displays "No proces83
2231581False ABAP & JAVA Availability Alerts in Solution Manager Te78
2415315System Monitoring Screen & Job Monitoring Screen's are Blank66
2348537How to troubleshoot error "cannot connect to service sapstar51
2126491Error [RC=600] Start Page called Unsuccessfully in Availabil48
2398408Solution Manager Pings Incorrect host or malformed URL for T47
2483407"Cannot read the RFC destination from the BW to the Solution47
2227586How to delete unwanted Managed Objects permanently from Tech44
1890700System Monitoring UI shows 'Cannot connect to service sapsta43
1916237ABAP Central Service not available alert in Technical Monito42
2012165How to re-assign a Template in Technical Monitoring Setup42
1819848How to troubleshoot if all metrics are grey in System Monito42
2270160How to Identify Issues with the Metric Status propagated fro41
2285422SM_EXTERN_WS user gets locked frequently in Technical Monito36
2374090SOLMAN_SETUP - BW Content Activation fails "ERROR: EC:2048"35
2483416"COMPUTE_INT_PLUS_OVERFLOW" shortdump occurs for program /SS35
2061752SOLMAN_SETUP exception while configuring basic DCP in Soluti34
2057141Error "Configuration XML likely did not reach the agent" wit34
2165505ST22 Dump with runtime error "CALL_FUNCTION_SEND_ERROR" on A34
2236334Error "DPC Web Service call FAILED for metric provider" with34
2515503System Monitoring UI is not working in SAP Solution Manager32
2147794"Operating system call connect failed" errors in System Log31
2428184Shortdump "LOAD_PROGRAM_NOT_FOUND"  Program "RWBA_RFC_WATCHE31
2463125Where is Work Mode Management in SAP Solution Manager 7.2?31
2468223How to configure work mode specific settings for the Alertin29
2488530No alerts on Business Process Monitoring on MAI for your mon29
2473124Configuration XML likely did not reach the agent Error in Sy28
2485467Scope Selection is not working properly in System Monitoring28


October 2017 - 30 most viewed Notes:
2054536SOLMAN_SETUP shows message "Not All Migration Tasks Complete189
1771916Metrics collected via SAPStartSrv are grey/wrong186
2283539End-To-End Alerting: Application Log shows Red entries91
2498606Backup and Restore MAI Configuration Content BEFORE and AFTE83
2008590Apply Delivery Changes - Fix for Content Update step56
2192841Status propagated from Technical Instance, Database or Host51
1757091Incorrect Role Assignments for MAI49
1696166MAI Cleanup report48
1742119Updating Content in Solman Setup44
2301059Double Entries in table ACCONTEXTDIR for Managed Objects cau43
1850770Not able to reset Managed Object-specific settings41
2086653System Log entry: "Error found in PBT environment"41
2216375MAI Metric Variant and MO template inconsistency cleanup38
2523458Remove unnecessary ST / ST_BW extractors during DPC basic co36
2440487Issues with metric collector parameter usage35
2123893Update Content Fixes33
2337815Double Entries in table ACCONTEXTDIR for Managed Objects cau31
2021463Composite SAP Note for the necessary corrections to the "Eve28
2288577Issues with migration of MAI repository data from SolMan 7.127
2155813Scenario-specific migration: EXECUTE failed for class CL_MAI25
2229246Badi BADI_DYN_INCI_NOTIF_MULTIPLE is not executed in case of22
2202243program to display all grey metrics22
1886060System Monitoring Setup for SAP Router20
2177195HANA metrics validity checks20
1618858Grey metrics in Technical System Monitoring UI19
1906528/SDF/E2E_WP_INFO: Number of free Dialog Work Processes = 018
2052754Corrections to the new MAI Notification BADI BADI_DYN_INCI_N18
2081908Avoid transporting Recipient and Recipient Lists details alo18
2238745Not able to open the Alert Details page from the link provid18
2238977Database Server instance does not exist18
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