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For some reasons, it is required to change the host name used by the Enterprise Manager service. The steps below show how to do it:

1) Force the required Hostname or IP Address in the file.

Edit/add property 'introscope.enterprisemanager.ipaddress' in file of the Enterprise Manager. The property introscope.enterprisemanager.ipaddress accepts hostname and IP address as values. Then restart the Enterprise Manager service to the changes take effect.

In order to also adjust the hostname of the navigation links in the CA Introscope WebView, set the property: introscope.enterprisemanager.fullyQualifiedHostName=<fqn of EM host>
Note: Introscope release 10 does not allow to generate navigation links with protocol HTTPS, even if you set property introscope.enterprisemanager.webserver.port with an HTTPS port. 

More information about this property can be found in the 'Enterprise Manager - Configuration and Administration Guide'. This guide is available within the EM installation, it can be found as follows:

  •  Access the EM Help Url: http://<webview_host>:<webview_port>/IntroscopeHelp
  •  Expand Guides
  •  Configuration and Administration Guide


2) Update the Enterprise Manager Configuration in step Define CA Introscope of Infrastructure Preparation.

In the Solution Manager Infrastructure preparation navigate to step 4 Define CA Introscope. Here you can rename the server name of the EM host in edit mode in field Host. 


3) Update the hostname configured in the agents of the landscape.

For ALL managed systems, run again the activities Introscope Host Adapter and Byte Code Adapter in the Managed System Configuration. These activities will reconfigure the agents to use the new Enterprise Manager host.

Also, for the agents that have been configured manually it is also required to update the IntroscopeAgent.profile of these agents to use the new Enterprise Manager hostname.



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