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  • All activities in the SAP Solution Manager Configuration Work Center  in scenarios  System Preparation and Basic Configuration have been executed completely, especially Basic Configuration step 6 "Maintain Systems in IBase".
  • Go to  Basic Configuration step 5 activity "Activate Piece list". Check the logs of this activity . If the log message  says "Target client is protected against client copy" , the piece list needs either to be imported from a development system or the client needs to be temporarily opened for changes and the activity needs to be re executed. This needs to be done even if the activity was rated green. Otherwise the status scheme for the operations tasks is missing and newly created tasks will have status " Contains errors open".


IT Task Management Configuration

The configuration  of IT Task Mnanagement  in SAP Solution Manager (SP12 and higher) has to be done via the IT Task Management guided procedure in the SAP Solution Manager Configuration work center (transaction SOLMAN_SETUP). It is highly recommended to follow the steps and documentations in the procedure. For Solution Manager 7.1 SP 10 and 11, please refer to SAP Note 1825634.

The following provides an overview over the configuration  and additional hints.

Users and roles

This section explains which user types and roles are required in the IT task management scenario. You should copy the SAP-delvered roles into customer specific Z-roles and assign the Z-roles to the users working in the IT task Management Scenario. Template users and z roles can be created  easily from IT Task Management configuration step2. All users should have a valid e mail address in transaction SU01. 

The following user types and roles are required in the IT Task Management Scenario:

Guided procedure authoring (GPA)  user

The GPA user creates and maintains custom guided procedures. The GPA user can:

  • access the Technical Administration work center
  • display business partner queries
  • access the task inbox
  • display and maintain the LMDB
  • create, edit, delete, and execute guided procedures

Required roles:


IT Task Planning User

The IT Task Planning user  plans periodic or single operational activities using IT task planning, and tracks the completion of operational activities in the Guided Prcedure log book.
The IT Task Planning  user can:

  • access the Technical Administration work center
  • display business partner queries
  • display guided procedure
  • display systems (LMDB)
  • display the task inbox
  • plan tasks
  • display the IT Calendar
  • display IT events

Required roles:


IT Operator User 

IT operators check the tasks assigned to them in the task inbox. They select tasks and execute the related guided procedure or the task. The IT operator can:

  • access the Technical Administration work center
  • display business partner queries
  • execute guided procedure
  • display systems (LMDB)
  • work in  task inbox
  • display task planning 

Required roles:


Please note : 

These roles provide basic authorization to execute guided procedures from guided procedure browser and  task inbox . However, the different guided procedure templates delivered by SAP provide jump in links to different transactions or screens in managed system or solution manager. Depending on their content they might trigger different automatic or custom activities in the managed systems or in SAP Solution Manager itself. The authorizations required to execute  these guided procedure activities are not covered in the aforementioned roles and need to be added separately. SAP Note 1999660 provides an overview which additional prerequisites, authorizations or roles are required to be able to execute all activities of the SAP-delivered Guided Procedure templates.

Business partners

It is not possible to assign users directly to tasks, it is only possible to assign business partners to tasks. So every IT task Planning and IT operator user needs to have a business partner.

The mass generation of business partners for Solution Manager users can be done as follows:

  • Start transaction BP_USER_GEN.
  • Choose Select via User Name.
  • In the Users fields, specify a pattern for the user name or leave the fields empty if you want to generate business partners for all users without business partners. Example: You want to create business partners for administrators only. According to your naming conventions, you enter *adm.
  • To ensure that only SAP Solution Manager users are selected and updated, in the RFC Destination field enter NONE.
  • Under Identify Users and Business Partners by, choose E-Mail Address.
  • Choose the Create Business Partners (BP) checkbox.
  • Under Program, ensure the Test Mode checkbox is selected.
  • Choose Execute. The test mode output shows for which users business partners would be created.
  • Choose Back.
  • Change your selection criteria if required.
  • Deselect the Test Mode checkbox.
  • Choose Execute. The business partners are created for the selected users.

  If you want to ensure that business parters are generated automatically, schedule report AI_SDK_USER_BP_GEN as batch job with the options as described above but without test mode.

 The generation of business partners is covered in  IT Task Management configuration step 3.

Batch jobs

The following batch jobs need to be scheduled for the IT Task Management scenario:

  • Job SM:ITTM_CREATE_TASK (ABAP report TP_SCHEDULER) This job runs daily. It reads task plans from IT Task Planning. It creates or changes the planned tasks which are due in the next two weeks according to the planning schedule.
  • Job SM:ITTM_SEND_NOTIF (ABAP report TIN_SEND_TASK_NOTIF). This job runs hourly and sends notification emails about due and overdue tasks to the assigned processors of the tasks. (as of Solution Manager 7.1 SP12)
  • Job SM:ITTM_SET_OVERDUE_STATUS (ABAP report AI_CRM_PROCESS_SLA). This job runs hourly and sets SLA status values, such as IRT Warning or MPT Exceeded, in incidents and in operational tasks. If this job is not scheduled periodically, then the task inbox will not show the correct overdue status.

The scheduling of batch jobs is covered in  IT Task Management configuration step 4.
For Solution Manager 7.1 SP12, consider additionally SAP note 2009185.


Number range for transaction type

IT Task management uses the transaction type SMOT as CRM task. You need to assign a number range to transaction type SMOT in  IT Task Management configuration step 5. In Solution Manager 7. SP11 and 12 this step is covered in IT Service Management Step 2.2.

Organizational model

 You can optionally define the organizational model for IT task Management as explained here.




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