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How to support customers who don't have OSS and Service Market Place connections from Solution Manager?

Manual Upload of Content

The user will need to go to the Rapid Content Delivery application and download the Support Packages manually by selecting the required Support Package and clicking on "Download". For information on the Support Package to be downloaded, kindly refer the page Details on Solution Manager's Content Delivered (Software Component: ST-CONT).

The SAR file will be downloaded to user specified location

User can manually upload the SAR file by running a report program “RCSU_MANUAL_UPLOAD”


  1. In or

     →By Category:  SAP Technology Components-> 


  2.  Download the SAR file which contains the latest content.


  3. Import this SAR file using Report program “RCSU_MANUAL_UPLOAD”

    The status of the content in RCD will be marked as ‘Imported’ and will be ready for import from content applications


    How to run the report program:

    1. Run transaction se38.
    2. Enter program name as “RCSU_MANUAL_UPLOAD”.
    3. Execute this program. (Press F8)
    4. Select the SAR file to be uploaded. Click on Open
    5. The selected SAR file will be uploaded and a message on successful upload shall be displayed to the user.



  4.  Optional Steps

    1.  In Rapid Content Delivery UI, check if content is downloaded

    2.  Import the downloaded content using Content Installation UI






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