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Interface and Connection Monitoring


Interface and Connection Monitoring (ICMon) in SAP Solution Manager provides a common, centralized approach to monitor communications via various interface technologies within your landscape. In order to abstract from a concrete technical implementation of an interface, so-called Interface Channels are defined to bundle a certain amount of interfaces communicating between two technical entities (e.g. Technical Systems, Hosts, etc.). Inside an Interface Channel the separate interfaces can be defined and metrics can be selected which monitor the interface in various aspects, focusing on error or backlog situations during processing. The monitoring results can be viewed in SAP Solution Manager’s work centers, and automatic alerting can be enabled based on the common Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure.

As of SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP12 an integration with Business Process Monitoring (BPMon) is at hand. The interface monitoring functionalities which were already available in BPMon are merged with the content the Technical Monitoring provides. A common configuration UI ensures that all interface monitoring setup is performed in the same way, and it enables the end user to re-use existing Interface Channels in a different context. This way the setup procedure is not only eased and standardized, but the managed systems can also be relieved from unnecessary load as redundant monitoring configuration can be avoided.

Current Scope

Currently, Interface and Connection Monitoring provides monitoring for the following interface technologies:

  • IDoc
  • RFC (synchronous, transactional, queued, and background RFC)
  • Web Service
  • SAP Netweaver Gateway (oData) Connections
  • HTTP connections
  • CRM Middleware including BDocs
  • SAP Workflow
  • File
  • Batch Input
  • PI messages
  • PI channels .
  • Cloud Services and cloud based Integration components (e.g. HCI, Dell Boomi)


  • Provides transparency regarding technical interface landscape covering various interface technologies
  • Delivers unified approach to visualize the different interface types including sufficient monitoring and alerting for performance, usage, availability and exceptions
  • Monitor interfaces up to the level of functions called in a system. These function calls may be, for example, a function module (in case of an RFC connection) or an operation called via a Web Service. In this way, you can monitor interfaces in detail. Is completely integrated in SAP End-to-End Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure

Target group

Technical and Application Support

  • As a technical administrator you set up monitoring of critical channels which are important, for example for transferring data between various systems.
  • As an application owner, you identify critical business processes for which you want to ensure that the corresponding technical systems and interfaces are monitored technically.

How to organize the Monitoring?

To allow for aggregate overviews, you organize the monitoring as follows:

  • You define scenarios which comprise all systems on which, for example, certain critical business scenarios depend.
  • You cluster the relevant interfaces in interface channels between the systems of your scenario, according to the type (RFC connection, Web Services, SAP Process Integration, ...). When you monitor an interface channel, you can drill down to individual interfaces.
  • To identify the interface channels according to their business relevance, you can define, in each scenario, attributes which you assign to the interfaces and interface channels. When monitoring the interfaces in real-time, you use the attributes as filters.

Monitoring capabilities

  • Understand layout and status 1 of your interface landscape via the Topology view
  • Monitor current status information of metrics per interface channel via the Metric Detail Viewer 2
  • Get a clearly structured overview regarding most important metrics per interface channel over time via the Dashboard viev
  • Complete integration in E2E Monitoring and Alerting infrastructure and Exception Management Cockpit
  • ...






Learn more about Interface Monitoring


Technical Support

Please open a ticket for component
SV-SMG-MON-IC (Interface Channel Mon.)
SV-SMG-MON-CON (Connection Mon.).

This page is part of the Application Operations Wiki. Notice that Application Operations itself is a use-case of SAP Solution Manager

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