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Integration Monitoring focuses on monitoring of communications between business-critical systems within the on premise landscape at customer side as well as on communications with business partners and SAP cloud products. It covers peer-to-peer communications, communications via integration components as well as the status of the SAP based integration components itself in terms of availability, performance and exceptions.



The following use cases are currently covered by Integration Monitoring:

  • Interface and Connection Monitoring (IC Mon) ensures that interfaces and connections within your landscape (SAP and Non-SAP) as well as communications e.g. with the SAP Public cloud components are reliable and efficient
  • SAP NetWeaver Process Integration Monitoring (PI Mon) is a specialized monitoring application in SAP Solution Manager, for SAP NetWeaver PI systems to evaluate the health status of your PI domain, incl. status of communication channels and PI messages
  • Message Flow Monitoring (MF Mon) provides a way to investigate and trace dedicated message flows through the PI landscape on the level of single message instances
  • Worflow Monitoring provides a way to monitor status and performance information of SAP NetWeaver BPM processes and tasks.

Integration Monitoring is also able to vizualize the health state of the relevant underlying components (systems, hosts) by retrieving status information from Technical System Monitoring. The status of specific interfaces in Integration Monitoring is also made available to  Business Process Monitoring in case complete Business Process Flows need to be monitored also with additional aspects.


Different target groups are addressed by the different Integration Monitoring use cases. While e.g. PI Monitoring is focusing mainly on the PI Adminstrator with a stronger technical aspect, IC Mon is addressing the Technical as well as the Application support. MF Mon on the other side provides features which are addressing also the Business Power user.

For a deeper insight into the capabilities of the individual Integration Monitoring use cases, please have a look at the individual Wikis. 






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