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Enterprise Manager

High Availability Setup for Introscope Enterprise Manager


Upgrading the Introscope Enterprise Manager


Setup SSL Communication for Introscope

 SSL Communication for Introscope Enterprise Manager

How to change the Enterprise Manager host name

How to change the CA Enterprise Manager host name

Documentation and help

 the CA Introscope documentation is delivered with the management modules and can be called on the EM via URL http://<EM_HOST>:<EM_HTTP_PORT>/IntroscopeHelp.

Sizing and Performance Guide

Starting with Introscope 9 the Sizing and Perfromance Guide is part of the CA APM help:

  1. Open http://<EM_HOST>:<EM_HTTP_PORT>/IntroscopeHelp
  2. Planning Information
  3. Sizing and Performance Guide.

Starting on Introscope EM 10.5 patch 2 (Introscope EM Version - Build 995502), this page was removed as CA now provides online documentation:  CA Application Performance Management

Displaying results of ABAP Hotspot Analysis

 ABAP Hotspot Analysis

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